Salmon Fishing Charters

Fishing out of Haines is just a short ride to the fishing grounds, usually less than a 15-minute drive.

In our area we fish primarily for KING SALMON. The water we fish in is called Taiya Inlet or Upper Lynn Canal.

Starting in early May through June we primarily fish for the larger ‘breeder’ kings. These are the salmon which are ready to spawn and are the worlds largest Salmon – at this point in their lives, some can weigh over 90 pounds!

From July through mid October the ‘feeder’ kings become abundant. These are the salmon that will return in the future to spawn. Feeder king salmon are in the stage of their life where they’re always feeding, trying to gain weight to grow larger and in a few years become breeder kings. Feeders usually are not as large as breeder kings but they bite often and are fun to catch.

We also catch three other species of Salmon all of which have at least two names. Silver (Coho), Pink (Humpies) and Chum (Dogs, Silver Bright’s, Pacific Salmon) throughout the summer.


Services we provide:

Coffee,Tea, Hot Chocolate, water and snacks will be provided at no extra cost.

All fishing equipment and bait are provided.

Fishing licenses are available on board for a fee of $30 (King Salmon tag included) CASH ONLY PLEASE.

Important license info: Nonresidents are required to buy a license and a tag only if they are fishing. Residents and nonresidents under 16 years of age do not require a fishing license.


Things to bring:

Our summers range in temperatures between 45 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Please dress in layers and bring a warm hat for the cooler days,

as well as a waterproof jacket. It would also be a good idea to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat for the warmer days.

Make sure to remember your camera – Taiya Inlet is not only home to lots of wildlife but has beautiful scenery also.



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